Is 1Password logging me out of websites after a certain time?

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For at least 18 months now I've been finding myself logged out of websites after a certain time. Sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. It's such a pain having to keep logging back in, especially for sites that use 2FA. I use the 1Password app and Safari extension on my Mac. Could 1Password (browser extension or app) be causing sites to log out like this? Has anyone experienced anything similar? Thanks.

1Password Version: 8.10.18
Extension Version: 2.16.0
OS Version: macOS 13.6.1
Browser: Safari


  • ajh0912
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    1Password won't be signing you out of websites, or clearing cookies on websites etc.

    Can you confirm what browser extensions are present?
    Some extensions like 'Cookie AutoDelete' do this exact thing on purpose, because cookies get used for lots of things, like analytics and tracking.
    But they are also relied on for remembering who you are (to keep you signed in) - so if cookies were being cleared on websites, you would get signed out.

    Is it only a few websites, like Amazon, eBay and a few others? Or is it all websites?

  • 1Password won't be signing you out of websites, or clearing cookies on websites etc.

    This ☝️ 1Password won't (and can't) sign you out of a website, or clear the cookies from your browser.

    I'd definitely be curious if you have any browser extensions, or even software that you might use that might also be clearing your browser cookies as @ajh0912 mentioned.

    To add to that line of questioning, does this happen to be a machine provided by your employer at all? 👀

  • stevoweb
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    Hi both. There are no other extensions present - just 1Password for Safari.

    This is my personal Mac, and I don't use anything to clear browser cookies or cache.

    Thanks for confirming that 1Password would not/cannot sign me out of websites - that's actually really useful to know as I can now rule that out. This has been occurring across multiple mac OS versions so it sounds like something more fundamental that I need to get to the bottom of.

    Thanks again for your replies.

  • rootzero
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    @stevoweb Session cookies usually have a time limit. How long is it before you need to login again?

    In addition, some websites bind your session cookie to your IP address. So if this changes due to your ISP, using a VPN or using iCloud Private Relay then those session cookies will be invalidated.

  • stevoweb
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    It varies. Often I'll put my Mac to sleep at night then in the morning, come on and find that some websites have logged me out. Not every morning, but more often than not. Sometimes I can be logged out within a matter of hours or even within an hour. Sometimes I can remain logged in for a few days. And this isn't all websites - usually ebay and Amazon, and a few others.

    What you said about session cookies is interesting, as it might explain why only certain websites do this, with others perhaps using different cookie time limits. That might very well explain what's going on. I think I'll shift my investigations to my internet connection. It's quite possible that my ISP is rolling out upgrades or doing some work overnight, resulting in a brief interruption of service. That would explain the 'next day log in again' thing.

    Thanks for your thoughts.