Import Apple passwords from iPhone to 1password (No Mac)

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I have a family member that wants to move all iPhone keychain passwords to 1password. How can he transfer all his passwords without a MAC?

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OS Version: IOS 17.1
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    I don’t believe Apple provides any way to allow developers to do this, nor can the mobile Safari export its passwords.

    A desktop Mac is required.

  • Hello @Leboyf! 👋

    Thanks for the question. MrC is correct, there isn't a quick and easy way to migrate passwords just using an iPhone. Using a Mac would be ideal: Move your iCloud Passwords from Safari to 1Password

    If they can't get their hands on a Mac then your family member could instead try a process that we call 'passive' import. On an iPhone, this entails running both Keychain and 1Password simultaneously in Safari, having Keychain enter your login credentials into a site, and then using the 1Password extension to save the filled website entry. Here's an article about saving, filling, and changing passwords using 1Password for Safari on iOS: Get to know 1Password for Safari on your iPhone or iPad

    You can also copy a password (or username) from Settings > Passwords. Then, you can create a new login item in 1Password and paste it there: Get to know 1Password for iOS

    I hope that one of those options help, I'm sorry that there isn't a more elegant solution at the moment.