Problems saving and signing in to Home Depot using a passkey

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  • jonpw
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    I've been experimenting with passkeys on a few sites and I think this topic is the cause of some usage problems right now. For example Home Depot lets you create a passkey from the web, both desktop and mobile (but not their mobile app). But it doesn't let you log in from the desktop using the mobile passkey. You have to set up a new passkey from the desktop, which causes 1password to want to either modify the passkey in the Home Depot item, or you could create a second Home Depot item with the second passkey I guess. The whole thing is incredibly awkward. I'm wondering if this is just Home Depot being a bad actor, or if we're going to see more of this friction. What's more, Home Depot doesn't even use the work Passkey anywhere. I guess they're considering it a single-device credential as described above, but that's only because they haven't taken into account synced passkeys via iCloud, 1Password, etc..

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    I'm sorry that you're running into trouble with using a passkey on Home Depot's website. Some of my colleagues were able to reproduce the same issue. It looks like Home Depot is currently asking folks to create a new passkey on each device even if a passkey is already saved and synced to that device using 1Password, I've flagged this to the team to look into further but this sounds like something that Home Depot may need to change on their end.

    Thank you for reporting the issue and please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


    ref: dev/core/core#26140