Accessing 1Password with Passkey

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(1) Can I access 1Password with multiple passkeys?
(2) Can I access 1Password with a passkey stored on a Yubikey?
(3) Can I access my account on with a passkey stored in 1Password, while unlocking the 1Password app using my master password?

1Password Version: 8.1.20
Extension Version: 2.17.0 for Chrome, 2.17.1 for Safari
OS Version: MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1
Browser: Chrome and Safari


  • Hello @JRandomPerson! 👋

    Thank you for the questions! Unlocking 1Password with a passkey is currently in a private beta

    We hope to share more news soon about the specifics of our implementation as we move towards a public beta in the future. 🙂


  • jojojo3
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    Hi @Dave_1P! Thanks for the info. I was also a bit confused by this because after looking through the Passkeys Product Page and seeing the section "Unlock 1Password with a passkey", I think I misinterpreted the line "Availability: 1Password for iOS (private beta), 1Password for Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux (coming soon)"

    I thought this meant:

    • Available on 1Password for iOS (private beta)
    • Available on 1Password for Mac
    • Available on 1Password for Windows
    • Available on 1Password for Android
    • Availability on Linux (coming soon)

    Perhaps the language could be adjusted to be slightly more clear.

  • @jojojo3

    I'm sorry for the confusion, I've passed along your feedback regarding the phrasing used on our website to the team internally.

    Let me know if there's anything else that I can help you with. 🙂


  • cbeitel44
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    ah that's why I could not be able to activate my 2 new Yubico Yubikeys... whatever the computer I tried from (home / work). It's just a bit weird to let the option available on our account if it is not avaible for public usage.
    So, I hope it will be available soon! I didn't paid these keys for nothing but using them with 1Password!

  • 9elsen
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    Even though 1password will not comment on it, the "unlock with passkey" feature must be close to a public release if they meet their goal.

    This article from July states

    Today, we’re delighted to share that we’re launching a private beta that allows a small group of testers to create and unlock a 1Password account with a passkey. This is an important step as we move toward our goal of releasing this capability for everyone later in the year.

  • @cbeitel44

    This thread is specifically regarding an upcoming feature that will allow you to unlock 1Password using a passkey instead of your account password.

    Are you trying to add a YubiKey to your 1Password account for two-factor authentication? If you are then that is already supported: Use your security key as a second factor for your 1Password account

    Are you seeing an error message when you try to add your security key as a second factor for your 1Password account? If I misunderstood your comment then let me know.


  • @9elsen

    Thank you for linking to the blog article, we hope to share more soon! 🙂


  • Haulien
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    I hope the ability to login to 1Password with multiple passkeys will be an option.
    That way I can setup 1Password's passkey onto 2 yubikeys: one for use, one for backup purposes.

  • @Haulien

    In the future, if you choose to unlock 1Password with a passkey, we recommend storing that passkey in a platform account, such as Apple’s iCloud Keychain, which will make that passkey available on all of your devices. We also recommend that you have more than one device synced with that platform account. This way, if you lose a device, you have another way to recover your 1Password account.

    While we are still working through the exact details of how account recovery will work in 1Password, we plan to include multiple secure options in case you lose a device or biometrics are not available. Generally, we recommend adding as many trusted devices across platforms as possible. Other fallback methods may also be available, such as a recovery code.


  • XIII
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    @Dave_1P Is that answer a “No” or a “Yes”?

  • JRandomPerson
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    The city I live in has had a lot of armed street robberies with groups of robbers targeting iPhones. They are getting more sophisticated. For example, they demand iPhone passcodes and quickly disable Find My iPhone. The keychain is easily read. That's why I don't use Keychain for any accounts. I use Screen Time to limit access to my Apple ID and iCloud account, but criminals will soon wise up to that.

    Most consumers don't use separate password managers such as 1Password, so criminals probably focus on the keychain. I keep my 1Password app buried deep on my iPhone. There's a decent chance that robbers will not be aware of its presence during a robbery since there are practical time limitations before they jump back in their stolen cars and take off.

    Risk of robbery is why I don't have any of my FIDO2 Yubikeys with me on the street. Since I don't use my keychain, I must use my master password to access the 1Password app on my phone. For phishing resistance, I want to use a passkey to access my 1Password account online.

    For redundancy, I want multiple passkeys, which would be in 1Password and on my Yubikeys.

  • Haulien
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    @Dave_1P I use a Windows computer, an android phone and an iPad. Only one of those has access to Apple Keychain.

    So if I can only login to my vault with a single passkey, then the feature is kind of pointless to me, and as much as I'd love to use it, I'd be unable to for fear of being locked out of my account.

    "Generally, we recommend adding as many trusted devices across platforms as possible."- again same issue, if only a single passkey is enabled, how is one supposed to do that?

    Yubikeys can store passkeys. However, relying on a single hardware device for one of the most important login methods is just downright stupid.

    I'd go so far as to say, if enabling multiple passkeys to access the vault isn't available on launch, then there shouldn't be a launch at all.

  • Haulien
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    Also I hope any implementation of logging into the vault with passkeys is better than what Google, DocuSign and Adobe do. No username should be required.

    Better examples to follow would be Github, Nintendo, Coinbase, or even Roblox. None of them require entering a username to use passkeys.

    Or go a step further, and follow what Roblox or Best Buy does, where the login page immediately sends a WebAuthn request.

  • Dave_1P
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    @XIII and @Haulien

    Unlocking 1Password with a passkey is currently in private beta and we'll have more specifics to share when the public beta is released. That being said, while I can't confirm what the final implementation will look like, the ability to add multiple passkeys to an account is something that the team is already testing.

    I use a Windows computer, an android phone and an iPad. Only one of those has access to Apple Keychain.

    Even if you only save a passkey in iCloud Keychain (which is encrypted and synced to iCloud), you'll still be able to use your iPad to scan a QR code on your Android and Windows PC to sign in using that passkey. We are looking into allowing you to save multiple passkeys using your platform provider of choice.

    We hope to share more soon. 🙂