1Password for Firefox: "Can’t store local data"

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So, since I have a problem with autofill using 1PW with Safari (cmd+\ doesn't work), I started using Firefox. It all worked fine as it should but suddenly my 1PW icon in the toolbar started flickering. So I decided to uninstall the extension, restart Firefox and reinstall the 1PW extension.
I get the 'can’t store local data' message.
So, Firefox by default, does not keep history, which I like, and now 1PW is forcing me to keep history (which I don't like).

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1Password Version: 8.10.20
Extension Version: Latest
OS Version: macOS 14.1.1
Browser: Firefox (120.0)


  • Hello @pverhoye! 👋

    I'm sorry that you're running into trouble when using 1Password for Firefox. It sounds like you're running into this issue: If you see “can't store local data” in Firefox

    Our browser extension, 1Password for Firefox, needs to be able to store your 1Password data on your computer. If “Never remember history” or “Always use private browsing mode” are turned on in Firefox then the extension isn't able to store that data. You'll need to follow the steps in our guide to choose a different option so that 1Password for Firefox is able to work normally.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  • pverhoye
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    Hi @Dave_1P !
    I know, when I followed the steps it works. But with the previous versions (of FF or 1PW) I didn't have to do this. That was my rant/complaint :)

  • @pverhoye

    Thanks for the reply. While in private browsing mode, or when using "Never remember history", Firefox prevents extensions from accessing and saving data to the local database, which 1Password relies on in order to function properly.

    1Password in the browser works entirely in your browser and can be used even if you don't use the desktop app. The old "classic" extension was more limited and completely relied on the desktop app for data which meant that it didn't need to save the data itself.

    Another option, if you don't want to change the "Never remember history" setting is to use Universal Autofill to fill your passwords instead of the browser extension: Use Universal Autofill in apps and browsers on your Mac


  • pverhoye
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    Thanks @Dave_1P for the explanation!

  • It's my pleasure. 😊


  • JonD0H
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    Hello @Dave_1P ,
    I know this topic has been brought forward a few times, but this should be something that really needs focus on to be resolved.
    We're in a world where it's considered good practice to reduce your digital footprint as much as possible and strengthen your security/safety.
    1Password is a great solution to strengthen security, but this flaw takes a huge step back when it comes to your digital footprint and tracking.
    The old "limited extension"(?) never had this issue.

    I'm sure the programming team at 1P could come up with some sort of solution.

    A thought:
    Keep the extension working as it is now if people do not have those crippling options enabled.
    However, if 1P detects those options as being enabled and hindering the extension, fallback on the older protocol that requires the 1P desktop app to be installed so it can operate properly.
    If you really need to, put a disclaimer on what functionality might be lost in doing it this way.
    Though, I'm sure 99% of 1P use/functionality will work as it has in the past.

  • @JonD0H

    Thanks for the feedback! 1Password in the browser requires the ability to maintain its own database, which "Never remember history" prevents it from doing by design. That being said, I've passed along your comment and suggestions to the team.

    As a workaround, if you want to use 1Password in the browser while also preventing your browsing history from sticking around, you can set custom history settings in Firefox:

    1. Open Firefox.
    2. Paste about:preferences#privacy into the address bar and press Enter.
    3. Scroll down to "Cookies and Site Data" and turn on "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed".
    4. Scroll down to "History". For "Firefox will" choose "Use custom settings for history".
    5. Turn off: "Always use private browsing mode", "Remember browsing and download history", and "Remember search and form history".
    6. Turn on: "Clear history when Firefox closes".

    These settings will allow 1Password to continue working in Firefox and your history/cookies will be cleared whenever you close or restart Firefox. 🙂


    ref: dev/core/core#10783