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Family plan sync

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We have the family plan with just my wife and I as users set up on our Mac desktop computer. The 1password app has been set up on my wife's phone but none of the information already setup on the desktop can be seen. How do we sync the information from the desktop to my wife's phone (Samsung S10e) so she can access information in both vaults?

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  • @atross

    Is the Mac signed into your account or hers? Are you using separate macOS user accounts? It's most likely you are signed into your account on the Mac. Only one account at a time can be signed into a single macOS user account from the same 1Password account.

    Most likely you'll want to move any shared items to the shared vault and then she'll be able to access them. As to the Mac we recommend using separate macOS user accounts. Note that I've assumed you are using the 1Password 8 desktop application. Please let us know more about your configuration.