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Access 1Password without the Secret Key?

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I have a subscription. I am away, I do not have my phone or my computer, just a PC with a browser. I need a password stored in 1Password and when I try to log to 1Passowrd, I have to provide a 20 autogenerated characters secret key that I dont know, I bought 1Passowrd for that.....

How do I access my passwords with only a browser, my email and my master password?

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  • Hello @Nephrium! 👋

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with accessing your 1Password account. Your account password and Secret Key are used to decrypt your 1Password data. Together, they ensure that no one but you can access the items that you store in your 1Password account.

    When signing into 1Password on a new device, you'll always need the following:

    1. Your email address.
    2. Your account password.
    3. Your Secret Key.

    It's not possible to sign into your 1Password account from a new device with only your account password since the Secret Key is always required. The Secret Key provides important protection for your account: About your Secret Key

    If you do need to sign into your account on a new device then you can download and print your Emergency Kit. Make sure to keep your Emergency Kit somewhere safe.

    I hope that helps! 🙂