[Feature Request] Access 1pass from Android Notification Drawer

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Hey there,

I have a feature request for the mobile/android app version.

There are times where the 1password prompts do not show up in some apps and I then need to switch to the home screen, open 1pass or if its already open, switch to it.

The feature I would love, is if there was a notification you can just click on to open a 1pass popup. Exactly how they had it in lastpass (switched maybe 1-1.5 years ago, but made life so much easier for entering passwords where the box wasnt ident as a user/pass field, etc)


Add a clickable notification in the pulldown drawer, that will give a 1pass overlay to copy user/pass/otp without needing to exit the running app.

1Password Version: Latest
Extension Version: Latest
OS Version: Android 13/14
Browser: Not Provided


  • Hi @jeremyrem,

    While I cannot guarantee if/when this feature will be added to the 1Password for Android app, we have an open feature request for this on our end. I've added your interest to this feature request.

    I hope this helps.

    -- Brendan

    ref: 35867962

  • jeremyrem
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    Just hearing it's going to be considered is good enough for me.


  • @jeremyrem,

    You're very welcome. :)