Do guests get edit (for all users) access within their vault or is it view-only?

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Hi, I’ve searched all over for clarity on this but can’t seem to find an answer. Can guests add logins and change existing passwords in the vault they’re granted access to? This is something I would be totally okay with, in fact I’d love them to add any shared logins that are missing and to have the freedom to update passwords on behalf of all of us for existing logins as needed. I have some trusted colleagues I’d like to invite as guests so they can access some shared logins that we all use from time to time. One of them set up a pretty flimsy password creation system on a shared Google doc and I’m trying to model better password hygiene and welcome them into the 1Password fold : )

Beyond the stated limitation of access to one shared vault in my account, just wondering how much agency guest users are given, or if their access is more view-only. Thanks!

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac/iPhone
Browser: Safari and Chrome


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