Family Account - A Family Member's Computer has been Hacked

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Hi Support,
I am the Primary Account owner of a Family Account. I learned earlier today my brother's computer had been hacked. He is on Windows 10. Based on my conversations with him, I suspect a keylogger virus has been installed on his computer. I am concerned about the security of my Primary Account Vault's data and his Vault's data.

I have access to his shared vault to access his websites and monitor his finances. I need to protect the integrity of his 1Password shared passwords.

He has logged off and turned off his computer to limit the potential for additional security concerns. Am I able to change his 1Password access password? Would it be more prudent to reset his account so they would receive a new secret key? (I am an Admin for our company's 1Password account; I am familiar with that process.)

Should I be concerned about the security of my "family account" data and credentials? My credentials have not been accessed on the infected computer.

Thank you for your time and consideration


1Password Version: Windows 8.10.24
Extension Version: Version 2.20.0
OS Version: Windows11 Pro
Browser: Chrome


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    I'm sorry to hear about the situation. I also see you sent an email to us. Someone from our Security team will reach out, too.

    I hope you don't mind; I will share what I would do (personally) in the situation. It may be overkill to some, but I am in the mindset of protecting what I have, and a little inconvenience to me is worth it a million times over. I'd also rather be safe than sorry and leave no stone unturned.
    I would change his Account password and Secret Key. Then, terminate any logged-in browser sessions and remove all devices from his account interface. It's great he could turn it off. Be sure to take it to a professional who can help you rid the device of the malware.

    How to change your 1Password password

    If your device was lost or stolen, and it has your 1Password data on it - Regenerate the Secret Key

    Next, but also as soon as possible, I would change any passwords on financial-type websites before proceeding to other sites.

    Change your passwords to make them stronger

    Because your data has not been accessed from this device. You can likely breath a sigh of relief. I would in your situation. I'm sure our Security team might have other suggestions they offer.

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