Experiment #5 - Auto-type for Windows (Nightly)

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Happy Monday folks!

I wanted to let our avid 1Password for Windows users know that we've just added the ability to auto-type your logins through Quick Access! Fill and submit your username and password into any standard login form - including desktop applications, terminals, VMs and more - with the use of a handy shortcut. If you have 2FA added to the login, we'll even copy the one-time code into your clipboard for you!

To turn it on, you have to be on the current Nightly build of 1Password for Windows (coming to Beta and Stable versions soon), go to Settings, select Labs in the left sidebar, select Auto-type and toggle the feature on. You'll now have the ability to auto-type any login into any selected field(s) through Quick Access (Ctrl+Shift+Space). It should appear as the default action for logins, but you can always activate Auto-type by hitting Shift+Enter.

There are some things to note about Auto-type. This is NOT Universal Autofill for Windows - it won't detect fields or provide suggestions, but after using it over the past few weeks, it gets close to the same magic feeling. Once you invoke Quick Access and find the login you'd like to fill, you'll see the Auto-type option appear as the default (Enter) action. Once you activate, we will type your username into the currently selected field, press Tab, type your password, and press enter. If you have 2FA enabled and stored in the login item, we'll copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it yourself.

Right now, we're looking for feedback to see if this functionality is useful and should be promoted out of Labs to all 1Password for Windows Stable builds. If you give it a try, please fill out this survey so we can continue to fine tune the feature.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from those who've tried this. Cheers!


  • Tertius3
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    I tried to use this with the Epic Game Launcher (Windows), but I was only half successful to login with this new feature.

    This truly evil launcher uses 2 dialog windows for logging in. First, you enter the username and click on a button to continue. This works with the new feature: it fills the username and clicks the button.

    Then the launcher presents the given username and you enter the password in a second dialog. It's not possible to make the new feature fill the password into that second dialog - I need to copy+paste it or drag the password field from the 1password desktop app into the input field.

    In general, it's a really useful feature and I want it in stable release.

    However, it's only one half of a good app login support. You still need to manually search in Quick Access. But once you searched and auto-filled, 1Password knows to what program it auto-filled. So you can save the c:\program files\app\app.exe path to the password entry, and whenever I press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER for quick access, 1Password could get the *.exe of the currently active app, search for this exe in my 1Password logins, and if there is a match, present this as possible autofill entry in quick access. So I don't need to search.

  • CrustyPistachio
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    I just updated to 1Password for Windows 8.10.26 (81026039), but am not seeing this available in the Labs settings? Is there a trick to make this available?

    EDIT: I can see that the release notes on the production channel have changed. I am assuming it was a mistake.

  • paulvbk
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    If find this very useful.
    Finally being able to autofill on Windows is a game changer for me.
    I know I'll use it a lot and my relatives too: I always try to teach them the use of quick access but for it to be efficient (versus the copy/past by clicking in the main app and switching back twice) they must memorize too many shortcuts and make finger gymnastics.
    That way is effortless, only one shortcut to memorize !

    PS: I just tried to login in the Microsoft O365 popups and it (obviously) doesn't work because of their multi step login process and the fact that they have links to create a new account right after the first field. Tried in Visual Studio, New Teams and New Outlook, they have 3 slightly different login process. I'm not very hopeful but could 1P detect the previously focused app and adapt the worflow ?

  • StumpfMax
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    I just tried to use in Putty and there the speed is to fast und Password is filled out directly behind the username without the ENTER. It would be very nice to have the option to change the next field button for each entry.

  • BloomTech
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    I have used KeePass for quiet some time and see that you can modify or customize the Autofill (Auto-type in KP) parameters. Be it adding an additional tab press, or adding a delay in seconds if the login page is multiple pages. Ex. Atlassian login. I have attached a screen snip to help clarify what I mean. If this isn't a feature now, can it be added to a Feature Request for consideration?

    1Password Version: 8.10.26 (81026039)
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Windows 11 (23H2)
    Browser: Not Provided

  • Backspaze
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    @AG_Travis I just found this and I've only tried it in two apps so far but it seems to work really good. One thing though, in the "Labs" menu for the feature there are two buttons, Give feedback and Join the conversation.

    The latter leads to https://1password.community/discussion/144272/, but I can't access that. It just shows a message saying Permission Problem. You don't have permission to do that.

    Should the link lead to this thread instead?