Are there docs for .config/op/config?

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In particular, could a malicious actor abuse this information? I'm trying very hard not to have any plaintext secrets on the filesystem anywhere.

    "latest_signin": "",
    "device": "",
    "accounts": [
            "shorthand": "",
            "accountUUID": "",
            "url": "",
            "email": "",
            "accountKey": "",
            "userUUID": "",
            "dsecret": ""
    "system_auth_latest_signin": ""

Like some of these fields are self explanatory like email and url, but what about accountKey or dsecret?

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    okay, it looks like accountKey is "secretKey" when logging into 1password. They really should rename that since accountKey seems much less important.

    It's unfortunate the cli can't take advantage of mac's keychain to store the sensitive bits here.