Add the ability to abort drag&drop by pressing ESC

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In Windows I find the drag&drop functionality very useful, because it works fine even on VMs (VMware and VirtualBox) and terminals (PowerShell, WSL, etc). However, I would like to have the ability to abort the operation (therefore after the drag and before the drop) by pressing the ESC key (as it happens when dragging & dropping files in Windows Explorer).

1Password Version: 8.10.24
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 11 23H2
Browser: Not Provided


  • ag_mike_d
    edited February 20

    Hello @lammoth,

    Thanks for your feature request.

    While I can't make any promises, I can se where this be helpful to use the ESC key to cancel the drag function before the credential is dropped, may be accidentally to a window where you did not want the data exposed. I've passed your request along to the Product team for consideration.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any other suggestions, just let us know!

    ref: PB 38354837

  • lammoth
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    Yes, having the ability to abort a drag&drop is very useful in case the operation is started by mistake. There is currently no way to stop it other than looking for a place on the screen, with no input fields, to perform the drop.

  • SamerY1P
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    Thanks again for sharing your feedback! I've added your comments to the feature request we've filed on your behalf.