1Password Password Suggestions could be better

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This post is not in anyway complaining about 1Password but I would like to give a suggestion.

I am satisfied with 1Password. However, I would like 1Password to generate random passwords in a better way.

For e.g.
If I am asking 1Password to generate 15 characters random password with numbers and symbols, I see more preference given to alphabets and lesser to symbols and numbers.

example below

In the above example notice the symbol usage is just 2 in a 15-char length password and also the number usage ranges between 1 and 3. I would prefer more variations on symbols and even numbers.

1Password Version: 8.10.24
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser: Not Provided


  • Hello @nullptr7! 👋

    Thanks for the feedback! Passwords generated by the 1Password password generator are already strong and would take forever to crack. You can read more here: Want to stay safe online? This is how long your passwords should be

    I would encourage you to read through that blog post since it explains 1Password's stance toward the strength of our machine-generated passwords in great detail.

    If that article doesn't address your concerns then can you tell me more about why you'd like to see more numbers and symbols in generated passwords?