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Morten Jonsen
Morten Jonsen
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Often my captions/titles for a password is very long - here's a sample...

I therefore often would lige to copy the title - and If I want to be able to copy the "title", I need to split it into two fields like this:

Feature request:

On the drop down for the password, show an option to copy the title/caption:

This way I can avoid creating two fields and only create one field.

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  • Hello @Morten Jonsen! 👋

    Thank you for the feedback! Can you tell me a little more about your use case? I can't think of the last time that I needed to copy the title of a field, is there a specific circumstance when you need to copy the title?

    If you're storing a username in the title then I would recommend creating a section that then contains separate fields for the username and the password. So the section would look like this:


    I look forward to hearing from you.