Any plans to implement CTAP2 (FIDO2 / webauthn) for 1Password Two-Factor Authentication?



Correct if I am wrong, it sounds like the Security Keys implementation as 2FA for 1Password is CTAP1/U2F.

Do we have any plans to implement CTAP2 (FIDO2 / webauthn)? I would love to use a PIN on my Yubikey as extra layer of security since I travel always with my key with me.


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  • Dave_1P
    edited February 26

    Hello @diegolinke! 👋

    Thank you for the question! When you register a security key for your 1Password account that security key is registered using whatever version of CTAP that your browser supports. So if your browser supports CTAP2, the security key will be registered as such.

    When signing in using your security key, some of our apps already support CTAP2 (such as 1Password for iOS) but others still fallback on U2F. I've let the team know that you'd like to see CTAP2 be available everywhere.

    Let me know if that doesn't answer your question.


    ref: PB-38423047