changed a password, record shows modification but the password isn't changed

Nat Childs
Nat Childs
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On the CDTFA website to file a sales tax form I was asked for a new password and given a suggestion. I thought that was from 1Password and accepted it. Then I needed it to finish filing the form and it got the old password instead of the new one. Going to 1Password and looking I see the old password in place but also that it was modified today at the correct time. So the modification didn't take! And I need that new password now!

1Password Version: 8.10.24
Extension Version: 2.20.2
OS Version: 14.3.1
Browser: Firefox


  • Hello @Nat Childs, thank you for reaching out. I sincerely apologize for any interruption in your workflow caused by this.

    1Password in the browser will save generated passwords within the extension. Here's how to search the history:

    1. Open your browser.
    2. Click the 1Password icon in the browser's toolbar.
    3. Click the Menu ( ☰ ) icon next to "+ New Item".
    4. Click "Password Generator” and then select "Password Generator History".

    From here, you can search for the website name or look for a recent generated password to copy and paste into your Login item.

    If that doesn't work, may I ask which web browser were you using? Is your browser and the 1Password extension up to date? -> Update your browser and 1Password in the browser.

    Looking forward to hearing back.


  • Nat Childs
    Nat Childs
    Community Member

    Thanks, Evon, I think I've got it sorted out.

  • @Nat Childs

    I'm happy that you were able to get things resolved. We're here if you need any help in the future. 🙂