Prevent extension from forcefully opening new tabs

It appears that there are many circumstances in which the 1Password extension will abruptly, unilaterally open and switch a new tab, usually to inform the user of an error that has occurred in the background. The disruption caused by the sudden, unannounced stealing of the user's active tab focus seems like quite an egregious overstep of an extension's bounds, regardless how infrequently it occurs.
Is there a way to prevent this from ever occurring? There doesn't appear to be any way to revoke the tabs permission from the extension management panel.


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  • Hi @junidy,

    Here is a guide on how you can prevent the particular error in your screenshot from happening: If you see "The 1Password browser extension needed to restart".

    With that being said, I do see what you are saying about 1Password stealing focus. I'd be happy to put in a request with our product team on your behalf to see if we can make the error message less intrusive. Is this what you mean? Apologies if I have misunderstood here!