I like the old version bette.r, perhaps because I am used to it

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I will try the new version and give it a fair shake, although I can tell you right now the big black bar at the left is very distracting and if you insist on it, at least give the optinon to hide it!

1Password Version: Can't find it with your instructions
Extension Version: 2.21.0
OS Version: windows 11
Browser: Chrome


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    Hello @cjrufino1952! 👋

    Thank you for trying the latest version of 1Password! Can you clarify what you mean by "big black bar at the left"? Are you referring to the browser extension or to the desktop app? The 1Password for Windows desktop app should look like this:


    Are you referring to the sidebar on the left in this picture? If you are then this is a feature that allows you to filter your items by vault, tag, or account and provides you with options to manage your account: Use the sidebar in 1Password

    Can you tell me a little more about how it's getting in your way? And if you're referring to something else then can you post a screenshot of what you see on your end?