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Attached pictures

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Currently I can see that a picture is attached (see below) but when I click on it is just trying to save it.
I don't want to save the picture, just to see it in the browser.

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  • RogueScholar
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    Better yet, how about we enable the Markdown syntax for embedding image file attachments into the Notes field, that way people have the option of which attachments to display and in what order? Just repurpose the <details> tag to collapse it by default (ideally with a toggle so users can opt to have it visible straightaway, if desired) and then the <summary> tags provide a "caption" of sorts. I can hear the cacophonous "oohs" and "aahs" from the userbase already if you managed to create it as a drag-n-drop workflow, in fact. A la…

    1. Attach image file to item using the existing workflow
    2. Once saved, said attachment listing can be dragged down to the Notes area as a highly transparent block, allowing for text cursor placement for insertion among existing text
    3. At mouse button/touchpoint release, a modal is shown offering the selection between collapsed/inline display with an input field to set an optional caption and perhaps even a toggle for bounding the image width to the viewport to obviate horizontal scrolling
    4. At confirmation, standard Markdown is generated and inserted in the Notes field where indicated (probably using a relative path to the UUID of the attachment), allowing the user to edit around it in the future

    It would really shine if it managed to dovetail with the existing QR code scanning such that the mobile apps could use the device's camera to capture obverse and reverse of membership and rewards cards to attach to such entries and store the bar code's numeric value automagically in its own field. Having photo captures of such physical credentials would be great for those edge cases where some C.S. rep. asks for some obscure batch code or checksum value printed in tiny text that practically no one thinks to harvest during the initial recording.

    Sounds pretty swanky, doesn't it? 😎

  • ag_tommy
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    Apologies that your post slipped by. I assume you're using for this purpose. We're working towards making more like the apps. I hope we can determine a way to support previewing the file from there. You can see the new work that's being done in our labs section. It's currently read-only when trying the new interface. Also, download only, just to clarify. As it currently stands, you'll need to get the file local to the device to interact with it.

    ref: PB-38782282

  • ag_tommy


    I've got your feature request before the team for Markdown support of images. Thank you.

    ref: PB-38782345