How to fill in "website" field in my form

I have a bunch of credentials saved in 1Password for the various instances of my company's product at public URLs:

  • username = myusername
  • website =

I have a little custom tool that is a localhost-hosted website that talks to API to those endpoints.
I'd like to fill in the main product credentials into my localhost website with 1Password.

The website login form looks like this:

        <tr id="tableRowEnvironment">
            <td><label for="textBoxEnvironment">Account</label></td>
            <td><input id="textBoxEnvironment" name="textBoxEnvironment" size="40" type="text" value=""></td>
        <tr id="tableRowUsername">
            <td><label for="textBoxUsername">Username</label></td>
            <td><input id="textBoxUsername" name="textBoxUsername" size="40" type="text" value="" data-com-onepassword-filled="light"></td>
        <tr id="tableRowPassword">
            <td><label for="textBoxPassword">Password</label></td>
            <td><input type="password" id="textBoxPassword" name="textBoxPassword" size="40" data-com-onepassword-filled="light"></td>
            <td><button type="submit" id="buttonConnect" name="buttonConnect" value="ConnectPassword">Connect with Password</button></td>

I added my localhost website as another website field:

  • website2 = http://localhost:50110/

This makes the 1Password entry show up in my localhost tool and fill in the textBoxUsername and textBoxPassword textboxes (as seen above with data-com-onepassword-filled attribute set that I pulled out of Chrome devtools)

What I'd like is to fill in textBoxEnvironment too. I discovered that I can do this if I add the field named after the html input field in my form:

  • textBoxEnvironment =

However, I'd really like to not have to duplicate it in my 1Password entries and just use the existing default website field. Is that possible?

Per I've experimented with autocomplete attribute trying to it url or website but to no avail.

1Password Version: 1Password for Windows 8.10.27 81027003, on PRODUC
Extension Version: 2.21.0
OS Version: Windows
Browser: Chrome