Suggestion: Ability to create self-deleting shared items

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We use 1Password for Business. To limit accidental sharing of sensitive data, we have created a specific vault that allows content to be shared from, lets call this Customer Share.

All other vaults restrict sharing content to external sources.

This means to share a document, password etc, a new entry is created in the Custome Share vault with the specific information to be shared, and then an invitation to named email recipients is sent with a 7 or 14 day expiration.

This does however mean that users should 'housekeep' the Custome Share vault and manually remove older, expired shared items.

Back in the real world, this rarely happens.

We would love to see the ability to automatically delete/archive items once the share period has elapsed.

So if Sensitive Note 001 in the Customer Share was shared for 14 days, then maybe after 30 days it is automatically archived/deleted from the vault.

Ideally this could be a global setting for the vault (ALL ITEM 30 DAY after Expiration) and at the item level (delete Sensitive Note 001 immediately after expiration)

Anybody else think this would be useful, and 1Password team, anything like this on your development timeline?



1Password Version: 8.10.27
Extension Version: 2.21.0
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser: Edge


  • Dave_1P

    Hello @nikgreen! 👋

    That's a very interesting way to limit the accidental sharing of items. I can see how relying on everyone to manually clean up their items could result in people forgetting and the vault quickly becoming cluttered.

    I don't believe that 1Password currently performs any automated actions on user data without a user's direct interaction at the time that the action is performed. Even Watchtower always requires a direct action from the user. This is because user's store the most important data in their lives and business in 1Password and it's important that a deliberate human decision is behind every action taken on that data.

    That being said, I've filed a feature request on your behalf to have the team look into this sort of functionality as well as to explore how the item sharing feature can be improved for use cases such as yours. Thank you for the feedback!


    ref: PB-38721319