How to Test Recovery Code?

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Would it be possible to have a feature where users can test their Recovery Code after generating them. I am envisioning a separate interface where the user inputs the code and is told if it is correct or not.

I understand after generating the code a user is prompted to enter the code before finishing the process. However, since this code is the only secret that can be written down on paper it would be great to be able to test if it works.

In comparison, there exists Cryptocurrency hardware wallets that allow users to test their Seed Phrase - Since this is the most important code in the context of Cryptocurrency wallets it allows users to be confident they have the correct code and can always restore access.


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  • Dave_1P

    Hello @Oddycm! 👋

    Thank you for helping us test passkey unlock in our public beta! As you mentioned, you are required to enter your recovery code as part of the recovery code creation process in order to confirm that the recovery code is correct:


    You're also give the opportunity to save a file called 1Password recovery code.txt which contains your recovery code.

    That being said, I'm happy to pass along your request to the team. Just so that I can better understand: are you worried that someone might change your copy of the recovery code? Is your goal to be able to confirm your recovery code from time to time? And, if you're concerned about the integrity of your recovery code, why not just generate a new recovery code? Once I know more I'll be able to file a feature request on your behalf. 🙂


  • Oddycm
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    I think my biggest concern is the interface does not have any feedback on the state of the current generated recovery key.

    Below we can see a interface to generate it, but it does not indicate if one has already been generated or and identifiers related to the generated key.

    Of course, we do not want the actual recovery key to be printed. However, perhaps having an identifier related to the key can be be printed along with the date it was generated on would be better?

  • JonM1PW

    Hey @Oddycm,

    Thanks for your reply and for the additional context. That's great feedback!

    I've shared your comments with our Product team to be considered for a future improvement. I'm unable to say if, or when, this functionality will be made available, but our team is aware of your interest.

    Let me know if you've got any other thoughts. The team always looking for ways to improve 1Password and feedback like this goes a long way to ensuring 1Password is meeting customers where their needs are.

    Thanks again for helping test the passkey unlock beta. I'm here if you've got any further questions or concerns.  


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  • @Oddycm I'll chime in here to mention that we've just released Beta versions of 1Password for Desktop and Mobile that include the ability to manage recovery codes in the apps. Although we don't currently have an in-app way of testing a recovery code, I think it's a cool idea.