Bank Account added on iOS now showing on Mac

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    I totally regret buying 1Password 4 for iOS. Everything worked so well on version 3 but now... boy, it is really terrible. For example, when I add a bank account on iOS, I can't even see the data on my Mac. I feel disappointed...

    Hope these problems will be solved very soon. I decided to test other softwares, such as Wallet and DataVault meanwhile. For me, the bottom line is: not being able to see the information I needed on my Mac was a huge problem.

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    I'm sorry that you are having some trouble, @tuliotoffolo. Can you confirm that syncing is set up properly between 1Password 4 for iOS and 1Password 3 for Mac? If you create a new item of a different type, does it show up on the Mac? Try creating a Secure Note.

    I'm wondering if perhaps you haven't set up Dropbox syncing.

    Either way, we'll get it resolved for you pretty quickly I'm sure. :)

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