Link/reference password from another entry

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Due diligence

The only discussion I could find on this was closed in 2013. I've looked through the Link to another Entry KB and other articles.


Use JumpCloud (or any SSO site) credentials on multiple websites, by having an entry pull credentials (username and password) from the JumpCloud entry.

What hasn't worked

  1. Add multiple URLs to the JumpCloud entry (credentials aren't shown when 1password button is clicked)
  2. Linked item to the JumpCloud one. The password isn't pulled.


  1. Is this possible and I've just been doing it wrong?
  2. Has there been any development on this or is it in a roadmap for any device?
  3. Is there a workaround, someone has found?

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.27 (81027003)
Extension Version: 2.21.0
OS Version: 14.4 (23E214) Sonoma
Browser: Chrome 122.0.6261.129