Feature request: Autofill <input type="file">

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There are websites, which require a file to login.
One example is the german online tax office ELSTER. It requires a certificate file as well as a password to login securely.

To be able to upload the file, I need to download it from 1Password and store it on my computer. It would be great if I could link the file in 1Password to the ELSTER login and let 1Password autofill the file input for me.
Link to the login page: https://www.elster.de/eportal/login/softpse

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  • EvonG1P

    Hello @P4sca1, thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback.

    While I can't make any promises, I've filed a feature request on your behalf to have the team look into adding this to 1Password in the browser. Thank you again for helping us make 1Password better.