Setting a custom passkey display name


We have implemented webauthn (passkeys) support for

When saving a passkey in 1Password it saves the passkey as "Sitecx".

This is consistent accross other sites and suggests that 1Password defaults to a sentence case domain name when saving passkeys... but can we override this somehow?

For example, can we configure our web page or webauthn implementation so that 1Password saves a passkey with a custom description, e.g. "Site CX" instead of "Sitecx"?

Maybe there is other web page metadata that 1Password could use instead for setting the passkey name.

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  • EvonG1P

    Hello @happycappie, thank you for reaching out.

    If the page title contains "Site CX" and the URL domain also has then we would infer "Site CX" as the title. It might be that the title on that page is not "Site CX". Can you check if the title for that page contains "Site CX"?