Don't get option to create Windows Hello passkey

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This question is not related to 1Password - I'm having no problems there, this is specifically a Windows question, I figured I'd ask here since 1Password people are generally up to speed with passkeys and Windows security!

I am a member of a website which has recently implemented passkeys, which is great.

I've been able to successfully create passkeys for 1Password and my YubiKey devices - all good.

I was able to create a Windows Hello passkey on my desktop.

However, my laptop won't give me the option to create a Windows Hello passkey - these are the only options I get:

I have no issues creating Windows Hello passkeys for other sites on my laptop.

I was able to create a Windows Hello passkey for this problematic site on another desktop and on another laptop - so it definitely works.

Any suggestions on how to troublesheoot this?

All machines tested are running Windows 11 and have all updates installed.

I've tried rebooting the laptop.

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  • Dave_1P

    Hello @SimonHampel! 👋

    Thanks for reaching out! I recommend that you save all of your passkeys in 1Password so that you don't have to manage multiple credential managers at the same time. That being said, you could check to make sure that Windows Hello is setup properly: Learn about Windows Hello and set it up - Microsoft Support

    If that doesn't work then I would recommend reaching out to Windows support directly. It's also possible that another member of the community here might have other ideas. 🙂