AmEx cards - updates needed to consistently / correctly display last 5 digits

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American Express cards are incorrectly displayed in the search / item browse views of the 1password apps and browser extensions. AmEx cards are currently displaying only the first and last 4 digits "XXXX **** XXXX" (as if they were credit cards containing 16 digits in 4-4-4-4 like Visa, MC numbers) instead of the first four digits and last 5 digits "XXXX **** XXXXX" (as if they were 15 digits like 4-6-5 AmEx numbers) in app search / item browse, browser extension search / item browse etc.. This can make it frustrating to manage AmEx cards.

This AmEx card display issue is present in every interface I've checked - windows desktop app, 1password browser extensions and iOS / android mobile apps. That said the AmEx numbers are consistently displaying the correct first four digits and last 5 digits (XXXX-****-XXXXX) in the individual item view so it doesn't seem like a development limitation as much as a failure to ensure these numbers are displayed correctly elsewhere in the interface.

I've attached screenshots of both 1password windows app and 1password chrome browser extension showing this issue - incorrectly displaying the only last 4 digits for AmEx cards in search / item browse while correctly showing the last 5 digits in the individual item view.

Is it possible to update the 1password apps and browser extensions to correctly display the last 5 digits of AmEx cards consistently throughout their interfaces?

1Password Version: 8.10.28
Extension Version: 2.22.1
OS Version: Windows 11 Pro 23H2
Browser: Chrome