Docker Setup and additional steps?

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We are a Windows environment, so when I asked for a Linux machine (Cloud was not an option), i was given redhat. This means that the only supported software podman. So some issues might be from that.

  1. run failed
    I followed the deploy method with docker (Here), but got this error:

./ line 17: /usr/bin/sed: Argument list too long

2nd run failed

Running docker desktop and built a context to connect, then ran the docker-compose up in the .yml directory.

This time i can see both containers running and it looks accurate. from the Linux box hosting the container, I can ping the address, but the curl fails with the error

Curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: connection refused

I have tried the Ip address and the FQDN, but same errors.

in addition, if I try to ping from my laptop not from the Linux host, I am not able to ping the address.

I followed the instructions, but it seems like I am missing something for bridging the networks. I am open to suggestions. Thank you

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