Request to support hiding copies from 1Password for clipboard history viewers

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There was a PR merged for copyq 8.0.0 that allows it to respect settings specified for clipboard contents so that it will not allow plaintext viewing of the clipboard contents.

The PR is here:

The conditions they mention for respecting password-like clipboard contents are the following:

  • "Clipboard Viewer Ignore" on Windows
  • "application/x-nspasteboard-concealed-type" on macOS
  • "x-kde-passwordManagerHint" with "secret" value on Linux

I don't know if 1Password is already intended to work with this but I noticed it does not seem to work with 1Password for Linux version 8.10.30 and copyq version 8.0.0.

If 1Password currently does not support this "x-kde-passwordManagerHint", could it be added in a future version?

If it does already support this, any idea why it may not seem to be working?

I am running hyperland for my compositor with xwayland.

1Password Version: 8.10.30
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: NixOS (linux 6.8.6)
Browser: Not Provided


  • zaid.alian

    Hello @silvanshade, welcome to the 1Password community! 🎉

    We appreciate you bringing the new clipboard function to our attention. We're eager to delve deeper into this topic and relay your insights to our developers through a support ticket.

    Our team will be happy to assist. Please write to using the email address associated with your 1Password account. After you send the email, feel free to post the ticket number you receive so we can locate your message and connect it with this discussion.

    Let’s continue the conversation there, I’m closing this thread to prevent duplication of effort. 🙂

    Zaid A.

    ref: QIF-52121-361

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