Is there an ability to provide emergency access to vault upon death?

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I’ve seen a post from 2018 that didn’t provide a good solution embedded in 1Password. I’m a converted last pass user. This feature existed there.

Is there an update in recent versions that accomplish this technically?

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  • ag_tommy


    The best method is to share your Emergency Kit with your estate planers or place it in safe deposit box for their use or with your attorney. There is not a legacy account type feature that will let someone access your account upon your demise. They would need to have your account password written in.

    There is one possibility and that is if you have a family membership you can have it so there is another family organizer who can help recover your account in some situations.

    • They would need access to your email to accomplish this. You would need to keep the password for your email someplace they could access it. There are three passwords I know. My Mac, 1Password, and my iCloud account password.

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