Restrict a member's access to Shared Vault.

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It is possible to restrict access to the default Shared Vault for a specific member in the family? I added a new family member (my daughter) to my family account. But we want her to NOT have access to the default Shared Vault that my wife and I are currently sharing.
We plan to create another vault that we'd share with her.
Is this possible or is there a workaround to do this?

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  • rlh
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    Turn the sharing plan around. Create a specific vault for you and your wife that only you two can see. Then leave the default Shared Vault available to everyone, including your daughter. That's been my solution.

  • ag_tommy


    rlh is spot on. We use the default shared as account wide aka Wi-Fi and Netflix passwords for the household. Your needs may vary.

    Thanks @rlh