Microsoft SSO does not work in Linux desktop client

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We are introducing Microsoft SSO at my company. Unfortunately I can not get the flow to work with the 1password Linux desktop client (on Ubuntu 22.04.4).
I logged out the desktop client and then tried both "Sign in on" as well as "Enter account details". Both at some point take me to the web browser, where authentication seems to complete successfully at which point the browser prompts me asking if I want to allow to open the xdg-open application. When I confirm (click "Open XDG-open") nothing happens.
I suppose at this point the web flow tries to redirect back to the app using a custom URL scheme but it seems that the handling of that custom URL scheme is not properly registered with the OS.
I updated to the latest client version in the process (was in the 1-before-latest before), also hoping it might fix any missing custom url scheme handling, but that didn't change anything.

Then to make sure the problem isn't with some specific misconfiguration of my OS I made a clean life USB stick with the just-released Ubuntu 24.04 LTS to try it there, only to discover that the 1Password application simply crashes immediately on start-up on that, so I guess that's a little something to look into as well.

In the end I did manage to get the client authenticated with some hacking: using the Chrome developer tools to intercept the custom-url-scheme URL the flow is trying to open (from the redirect response) and then just running 1password from the command line passing that URL as an argument, which let me complete the flow. But there does seem to be a bit of an issue there that you might want to look into.

BTW, it looks like there is supposed to be some kind of fallback in the flow. Where it says "If you don’t see a prompt in your browser, try again.". And after trying again the link changes to "Still not working", after clicking that it tells us to copy the sign-in link and then to open 1Password. This also didn't do anything for me; I'm guessing the client is supposed to notice the sign-in link in the copy-paste buffer and act accordingly, but nothing was happening (even after force-killing all remaining 1password processes and then opening it again).

(Now that I'm writing this up I realize that I could probably have passed the link copied from the fallback page instead of grabbing it using the developer tools)

1Password Version: 8.10.30
Extension Version: 2.22.1
OS Version: Ubuntu 22.04.4
Browser: Chrome