Autosave for Logins is out now!


Hey folks! I’m happy to announce our newest addition to the 1Password Extension — Autosave for Logins — is now available to everyone! Update to the latest version to start using it today.

Autosave for Logins is a new way we’re making it easier to get your logins into 1Password. Sometimes we still have a few logins stored in our heads, you might have a couple logins still being autofilled by a built-in browser solution, or maybe you’re just a fan of 1Password passkeys and wish you could have that same saving experience across the extension. Autosave for Logins does just that and more!

Now, when 1Password detects you’ve entered in a username and password and have successfully signed into a website or service, it shows a convenient prompt to ask if you’d like to save those credentials into 1Password. You’ll have the option to quickly save and get back to what you were doing, tweak the vault you’d like to save to, or even go into a more detailed editing experience for additional tuning. This feature also works great when you need to update an existing login item. In the near future, we’ll be releasing a new extension setting if you’d like to go full Autosave — and it’s as slick as you think it is.

We’re thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received during the nightly and beta periods and we couldn’t be more excited to make Autosave for Logins available to everyone today. Feel free to give Autosave for Logins a whirl and tell us what you think!

Best regards,

Travis Hogan
Senior Product Manager — Browser Experience