1Password for Families questions

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We have 1Password for Families with all of us running version 7. We are ready to upgrade to version 8. Before upgrading to version 8, all of us have done an export of all or our standalone vault items to 1pif format.

I am waiting to upgrade to version 8, until I resolve a couple issues.

We have three family members who have their own logins under the family plan, so no problem with them or their accounts.

There are three other family members that share one user slot on the family plan. One of these three who share this one user slot is got assigned the fifth user slot. I did an invite to him and we are trying to figure out how to successfully login to activate his individual user slot under the family plan.

He has tried to login to another user account under the menu bar > Account. He scanned the setup QR code from the Emergency Kit from the invitation process and entered his new password, but he can't successfully log in to the new invitation account.

He has also tried to do this by clicking the Add button on the existing account and can't get in to the new account.

There are two issues here:
1. How can he get logged into the fifth user slot we have available?
2. Once he can get into the new account under our family plan, can he switch between the new account and the shared account that he has been using with me and my wife? If so, how is that done.

Looking forward to getting this resolved and get upgraded to version 8.


1Password Version: 7.9.11
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 14.4.1
Browser: Firefox


  • ag_tommy


    If all of your data is already in a 1Password membership there is no need for the export. You'll sign into 1Password 8 and all of the data will be pulled in from your account. Is all of your (everyone's) data already in the family membership?You can have more that 5 members on the family if you wish. This would give everyone their own account.

    It sounds like you've tried to sign into another account in the app at one time. Only one account from the family can be signed into the app at any one time.