[Feature request] "Secure Text" multiline note or "Secure" checkbox for existing Text field type

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Self-explanatory from subject, I assume. It would be nice to have a multiline (long form) textarea notes field that gets hidden by default (like passwords and other such fields). Might accomplish this in 1 of 2 obvious ways:
1. New field type "Secure Text" after "Text" in the list that behaves to spec
* Rad: Follows paradigm of one field type per field, and fields do not have configurable behavior
* Bad: Bloating of list down the road if more such "secure" variants of fields are introduced—would probably address that by switching to option 2:
2. "Secure" flag checkbox somewhere in the GUI of the Text field itself; no new field type needed
* Way: Checkbox could be commonly placed in the field type GUI for several field types currently in existence that could easily be extended to support this feature
* Nay: Breaks from the paradigm of non-configurable field types


EDIT: Fixed some domain nomenclature, added some details

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  • Dave_1P

    Hello @lol! 👋

    Thank you for the detailed feedback and request! While I can't make any promises, I've shared your feedback and need for additional types of concealed fields with the team internally.

    Thank you for helping us make 1Password better. 🙂


    ref: PB-39769683