Feature Request: B64 passwords

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Hey folks,

This is my first post and first feature request. Just wanted to say 1Password is amazing keep up the work team!

Anyways, one thing I struggle with on a daily basis as a developer is needing Base64 encoded passwords. My normal routine is copy a password out of 1Password shove it through a B64 encoder and use it. This is ok for one-off events but I find myself doing this quite often and believe we could roll it all into one tool which would be amazing.

I terms of where I think this should live is the drop-down menu besides the password item as shown in the figure below ( Copy Base64 Value or something along the lines ):

Of course, you don't have to stop at base 64 there are a ton of other algorithms you could provide but I personally want to see this one.

Now I understand not all user would require this feature so I think it could be shoved behind a feature toggle on the Developer settings window.


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  • ag_tommy
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    Thanks @maisy

    I've added your request to the products team review process.

    ref: PB-39925129