New Sign-In Experience (Beta)


New Sign-In Experience (Beta)

👋 Hey everyone, we're excited to announce that a new sign-in experience is now live in beta!

We've heard time and time again that signing into 1Password on a new device or browser is difficult, especially when having to type out your email or Secret Key manually. Now, simply choose “Scan QR Code” from the top left account menu in 1Password on your signed-in phone (Android or iOS) to quickly add your 1Password account to a new device or browser. To finish enrollment, confirm the new device or browser when prompted on your phone and voila! Your 1Password account is automatically added and ready to go.

The new sign-in experience isn’t just convenient, it’s incredibly secure: when you scan the QR code, 1Password sets up an encrypted channel between your devices. It uses this channel to sign you in without asking for your credentials. The code itself is temporary and does not contain any secrets, so it’s resistant to screenshots and over-the-shoulder scans.

Note: If you don't have your phone handy, you can still sign in manually too. But when adding 1Password to a new device or browser, the new sign-in experience is a quick and easy option without having to manually enter your information.

And that's it! This feature is available on our beta and nightly release channels for the 1Password desktop app, TestFlight for iOS, and with the “Join the Beta” option (in the 1Password app management settings) on Android. Remember, you'll need to ensure you have the latest builds on all devices that are used to test this feature.

Use your mobile phone to sign into a new device or browser and let us know what you think about this new beta feature 🙌