Feature suggestion: offer phone numbers for receiving SMS codes

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I'm a longtime 1password user and wanted to pass along a feature idea.

Recently I was trying to lock down the message settings on my iPhone to require a Face ID scan before an incoming SMS can be read. The motivation was that I want to protect these codes in the event that the iPhone were stolen while unlocked. I found that, while possible, it involves setting up shortcuts/automations that lock the phone when you open certain apps. It's an annoying experience and not a great solution.

It could be an opportunity for 1password though. A user could have their own phone number provisioned through 1password, just meant for receiving 2FA codes via SMS. That way the codes could be received + autofilled within 1password, only after doing a Face ID. It would be so convenient and more secure than relying on the messages app on the phone to secure things.

1Password Version: Not Provided
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OS Version: iOS 17.5.1
Browser: Firefox