Families vs. Pro (Launch Special) Plan vs. Teams Starter Pack vs. Business.

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I have a lot of 1Passwork accounts (of all types) and support a lot of 1Password accounts of all types. I'm in a bit of an organizational phase and thinking about making some changes to the ways that they are organized. It can be a bit daunting for organizations to effectively run their 1Password deployments and over the years I've had a hand in managing many aspects of all of them.

Main Discussion
I'm going to put the discussion piece first because it's the most important aspect overall.

How do you manage 10's of 1Password accounts and users in the long-term but benefit from the tools and features that ONLY exist in the business tier?

I'm sure that many families accounts are seeing increasing seats because of the more manageable costs but without the security tools available to the business tiers it's more difficult to manage them and troubleshoot/forsee issues.

At first glance it feels like Teams Starter is the solution but once you reach the upper limit of 10 users your options are limited and you are contending with a huge jump in price to take on an 11th user. With the reduced number of guests limited use vault sharing is extremely curtailed as well.

See that has me looking pretty specifically at leveraging the Pro (Launch Special) account I have access to ~about 50% off the deployment overall.

However you can definitely tell that if you got up to 15 or more users the tools in business and the free family accounts are a pretty big incentive. Is their a way to bring the cost of business lower the more accounts you take on? Say driving the cost per user down to around 6.99 per user month? Like $1 off for each group of 10 beyond 10 users? Approach the early bird pricing but stay more expensive then teams?

Something like that? Anyone have any other ideas?
It sure is a tempting idea to maintain everyone in a family account and really are the secrets in family accounts any less important in the grand scheme of things? There are certainly some very important credentials in these deployments.

There are two major issues overall

1 -- there are some users who even though they are the family organizer or administer on their (family/business) account they won't take a dedicated interest in getting better at the platform or overseeing it to any real degree which makes their accounts difficult to handle in the longterm and definitely if there is an issue with losing access. With a family account, as someone assisting the organizer, the low cost allows you to come on a family organizer to both serve as a backup and help administer the account.

2 -- without the tools in the business tiers it can make managing larger deployments or families much harder and with way less oversight.

This leads me to 3 core questions:
Question 1
One account I administer is in the Pro (Launch Special) plan.
This plan is very much like the business plan in that you get x20 guests
Seems to have all the reporting and security features of a business plan
Only seems to be lacking free family accounts for users?
Half the cost of business.
Am I missing anything?

Question 2
In a business account I have it promotes a switch to Teams Starter from within the account which I may want to do: however, Teams starter would immediately have me paying for 15 guests and have me losing access to custom reports and groups. It's an effective downgrade not an upgrade. And then when i get to 11 users I'd have to switch back to the business tier? The cost difference between teams (starter) and Business is substantial. Nearly 900 dollars per year difference (see attached).

Question 3
Why does a starter teams account only have 5 guests? It seems to me that if the reason for the existence of this kind of tier is to smooth individuals or even solo business account users into managing a larger tier why not be encouraging more guests? Especially for Business accounts taking on more team members. Any business deployment with less than 10 users would be silly not to take advantage of the cost savings in Teams (Starter) but if you are a person running a business using it for awhile having to manage your guests as part of that up-grade-down-grade seems odd.

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    I would always recommend talking with my colleagues in email support. That said, in general, yes, family type accounts are leveraged by some users. However, I always recommend using the plan that is best suited for a business that would likely be a business/teams offering.

    The original launch special was very much aligned with the business offering. It was brought about by the original business plan (aka families came after business). I still have my launch special account, and there are way more features than I needed. All accounts have the same level of security, and just as you described, the secrets could be the same. A lot of our business users like the additional reporting options. Many find value in the free family account they can offer their employees. Good password hygiene at home translates into good hygiene at work and vice versa.

    I'd love to see us offer additional options to fit users in your situation. I do not know if/when that could happen, but it would surely be a plus in my book. This is from a former business user who now only has his family members to admin. :)

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    Ah interesting reply Tommy: this was just the kind of communication I was hoping to spin up. Having users cross from Biz/Personal or even just outside 1 deployment is often quite difficult but I certainly agree with your point and find moving and storing items across many different accounts very very useful.

    I wonder if there might be some kind of program or plan for "secret keepers" persons with a high degree of access across deployments. Way's of allowing these persons a degree of administration/oversight outside of 1Password/Agile Bits but approved by the owner's of the various deployments/vaults. Obviously this ends up existing anyway but system-mandated/facilitated. It seems pretty likely that 1Password wouldn't get into the business of actually managing the secrets themselves. I also wonder if there has been any discussion formally inside HQ about designated people who help purge/restore/utilize accounts in various scenarios like death, arrest, injury, etc All these features related to the same concept which appears in other kinds of accounts like Meta or iCloud (a trusted rep who can make decisions/act)