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Email I got from Privacy about the API

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How does this affect me using Privacy and 1Password?

The email:

We’re making changes to our API pagination methodology. You are receiving this note because you are an active user of the Privacy API. What’s changing?

In 2023, Lithic–our parent company–released support for cursor-based pagination for all API endpoints. This feature helps align our APIs with emerging industry best practices and provides a more efficient and scalable experience for our users. As we migrate to the new version of the API, we will be retiring support for our legacy offset pagination methodology: On July 9, 2024 1pm ET, we will be retiring offset pagination in live production environments. Retiring Offset Pagination

Pagination enables customers to return a subset of results and traverse through each subset until the full list of results has been returned. Offset pagination traverses through results by returning a specific number of items offset from some fixed point. Cursor-based pagination uses a unique identifier (the cursor) from the last item on the current page to fetch the next set of results. Instead of skipping a fixed number of records, it starts directly after the last record retrieved in the previous query.

Cursor-based pagination offers several advantages: • Speed: Lower latency, especially for large datasets. • Consistency: Fetching data remains consistent even if new data is added. • Flexibility: Easily traverse your dataset forwards or backwards based on specific items. How to be Prepared

Cursor-based pagination is now generally available for all endpoints. To make the transition: • If you are directly querying our APIs, include the header X-Lithic-Pagination: cursor in your API requests and use starting_after or ending_before query parameters instead of page. More information can be found here. • If you are using an SDK, all Lithic client libraries now use cursor-based pagination by default. Update your libraries to the latest version to leverage this enhancement. As always, thank you for choosing to pay with Privacy. We appreciate your continued support and hope these enhancements will provide an even better experience for you.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • ag_tommy

    @Prime I do not expect anything to change for either of us as far as 1Password is concerned. That said, I asked internally for additional clarification. I did not want you to think we had missed your message. I hope all is well for you. :)

  • prime
    Community Member

    Thanks! I know if I make a Privacy card through the 1Password extension, it’s a debit card. If I make a Privacy card with Privacy, it’s a credit card. So, I wonder if they are changing so all cards are credit cards (which would suck).