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I'm thinking of moving to 1Password but can't get my head around some things. Will someone please give me some advice on how easy and the best ways for us to share an account? To better explain, there's just my wife and I, both elderly, we always share all our passwords. My wife uses an Ipad and Iphone, I use a Windows desktop and an Iphone. Can we easily share an account and all its' passwords without duplications and will we each easily see the same list of sites and passwords?
Secondly, we each have separate email accounts, does this affect accessing the single 1Password account in any way?

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    You can/could take two paths.

    1. You both can use the same individual account. This does not provide a Private/Personal vault. All details would be shared evenly among the both of you. In this account type because you're both sharing equally both of you would likely store data directly in the Private/Personal vault.

    2. Use a family account which provides each of you with a Private/Personal vault. All Shared data would live in the "Shared" vault. All personal data that you do not want the other to have access to would live in the Private/Personal vault. That vault is specific to each user in this account type.