I want control of my data, where is it? v 8.10.33

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I'm thinking I would like to have control of my data on Dropbox or iCloud Drive. How do I accomplish that? I used to have that but cannot find any longer.

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  • Dave_1P

    Hello @kbrown! 👋

    Thank you for reaching out! You always have control of your data by being able to export it from 1Password whenever you wish: How to export your data from the 1Password desktop app

    However, I don't recommend that you store your exported data in Dropbox or iCloud since the export is unencrypted and in plain text. Exports should only be used if you decide to move your data to another password manager.

    If you're referring to syncing your data to iCloud or Dropbox then 1Password 8 doesn't support this. These legacy sync methods were less secure and less functional than using a modern 1Password account: Sync your 1Password data

    Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂