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So first of all, I did not manage to find a category thats general enough for this, I'm not even sure this is the correct place for a feature request to begin with so forgive me if this is not the way to do it.

Now for the request: Emergency Unlock. Let me explain: I would like to grant an emergency access to my 1PW to a family member or person of trust in case something happens to me. I imagine that I could give them a code or link or QR to use in that case. To secure the whole thing against abuse, after "using" their emergency link they would have to wait a multi day (or week?) time period before actually being able to access my passwords. During that time I would be spammed with email and whatnot that my trusted person is using their emergency access. If it's being abused, I can prevent it before it happens by clicking some link in the warning mail I receive.

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    Thank you for the post and this is the correct place. :) I've let the products team know you'd be interested in a something like a legacy access system.

    ref: PB-40339998