Will not sync IOS/Safari to Windows/Chrome (similar questions here are closed and unanswered)

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Passwords I update and save using 1Password on my iPhone (Safari) do not carry over to my account on my laptop (PC). I've uninstalled every instance of 1Password (laptop, Chrome, iPhone, Safari), re-downloaded the most current version, and re-installed them all at the same time, using the same password. Yet, they are still not syncing.

I see several people have had this problem but 1Password has never given an answer or solution, which is curious (read: frustrating). If there is not a solution, could you please simply say so? Thank so much. Truly, I'd be so thrilled and grateful if you could help with a solution.


(PS - I apologize for posting this is the wrong forum - I can't see how to change the forum or delete this so I guess I'll leave it here. Again, sorry!)

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    If you've not had luck syncing you might not be using a 1Password account. My best suggestion would be to get you over to my colleagues in email support. They can help determine how your device are configured. Please email us using support+forum@1password.com. Be sure to use the email address tied to the account in question.

    I'd include details on both devices, what version of 1Password you use, along with information on your syncing solution in use.

    You should get a support ID by return email. Please share that support ID here so we can connect the dots, so to speak.