Downloading Intel and M1 installer for Mac

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Hi, I'm looking for a way to download an intel and M1 installer in order to create a Jamf package to push out to users with Mac. Is this possible?

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  • ag_tommy


    The current installer should download the appropriate installer for the device architecture. It will also always download the latest version.

    I'd recommend using it vs. a specific link to ensure future compatibility should any specific links change. If that's not an option I'd recommend talking with our technical team who may have additional ideas.

    Please email us using Be sure to use the email address tied to the account in question as that may help alleviate any additional email exchanges.

    Additional thoughts @Dave_1P ?

  • Dave_1P
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    Thanks for the ping @ag_tommy!

    @summer91 Have you seen our deployment instructions for organizations? We publish a universal build of 1Password for Mac as a PKG installer (which contains native slices for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs) that can be deployed using MDMs like Jamf. You can find more information here:

    Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂