Feature Request/Discussion: Offer Phone Numbers for 2FA in-app.

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Hello All,

I hope this is the right place to put this. I was thinking about this recently, and thought I would post it here. I know there are likely flaws and potentially huge ramifications (for both users and developers of 1Password) in this idea, but I just wanted to lay it out and get opinions on it.

I use 1Password religiously, and have for 5+ years now. I love it! Especially managing 2FA and now Passkeys. However, Many of my logins still require a phone number for 2FA login (And DO NOT offer alternatives).

My idea is - What if 1Password included a phone number (Either included, or even an additional monthly/annual cost) with your account?

Then, If I have to use a login with the phone number, 1Password could still autofill it for me.

I know - it's very simple for me to post the idea, but the security, development, and legal implications are another story entirely.

In many ways, I feel it would be more secure than a traditional phone number, because it would be bound to my 1Password account, and would not be as susceptible to social engineering practices used by targeted attacks to gain access to victim phone numbers.

At the same time, there would have to be a way to manually check and USE this phone number (Because many services may deliver alerts and/or have you confirm via text for specific things).

Any feedback or alternatives are welcome (and also pros and the many inevitable cons)! This is really just me being lazy and not wanting to have to get my phone for a few of my logins 😆

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