1 password on browser logs me out every 30 mins , what can be the issue this is happening?

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i use 1 password to save my passwords at work and because i am working a full day, my 1password is always open on my browser except i lock my screen then i have to log into 1 password when i log back to my system, but recently it does this thing where it logs me out despite not being on idle and despite my system being active, can anyone shed some light on this and a solution please , its annoying logging in every 30minutes

1Password Version: 2.24.2
Extension Version: 2.24.2
OS Version: windows 11
Browser: chrome


  • EvonG1P

    Hello @theoffydora, thank you for writing in. I'm sorry about the trouble.

    To confirm, are you referring to 1Password.com or the 1Password extension?

    If you're referring to the 1Password extension, do you use the 1Password desktop app alongside the 1Password extension? If not, which Auto-lock settings are enabled in the 1Password extension settings?

    1. Open your browser and unlock 1Password in the browser.
    2. Right-click the 1Password icon in your browser's toolbar and select "Settings".
    3. In the Security section, which options are set?

    If the 1Password desktop app is installed on your device, the Security section will show "Review your security settings in the Password desktop app." instead. Here's a screenshot for reference:

    Click the "Open 1Password" button beside it, and adjust the Auto-lock settings there.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


  • theoffydora
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    Hello Evon, on your guidance i installed the 1password desktop app, i have tried all the fixes you included for me to try but i have not been able to fix this problem, im still being locked out of 1 password every 30 minutes

  • ag_tommy


    Can you confirm that you adjusted the auto-lock settings in 1Password 8? There is an obscure bug that a few people have encountered around this situation. I'm curious if you've hit the same thing. It might be helpful to get you into email support where the team can work with you on a one on one basis to see if we can resolve the trouble. If you'd like to do that email us using support+forum@1password.com. Be sure to use the email address tied to the account in question.