Feature request for masked email


Recently I learned that Bitwarden supports creating email aliases and that they also support different providers for this feature, while 1Password so far only supports Fastmail as far as I know.

I'd like to see this feature expanded upon in 1Password and there are two main areas that I'd like to see improved.

  • Support for more providers such as SimpleLogin, Addy.io, Firefox Relay, Fastmail, DuckDuckGo, or Forward Email.
  • Make it possible to use the integration in more places than just 1Password in the browser.

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  • Dave_1P

    Hello @Backspaze! 👋

    Thank you for the feedback! I've filed a feature request on your behalf to have 1Password support more email providers and to add more masked email functionality to places like the app. Our product team will look into this for the future.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share how we can make 1Password better for you. 🙂


    ref: PB-40459259